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Intelligent Diagnostics is disrupting legacy corneal topography systems, which are for the most part large and very expensive instruments tied to dedicated desktop computers running proprietary software, which reside on motorized power tables. These can cost from ~12K to over $60K depending on features, front vs. dual-surface imaging capability, etc.  They typically don't fit in a standard exam room.

We recognized that it is possible to design a very accurate, sophisticated corneal topography system around a modern smartphone.  So that's what we've done.  Instead of using a dedicated personal computer, we mount special hardware to a dedicated smartphone, taking advantage of the high-quality camera system and fast processing capability now available on mobile devices.  We put some software in an app on the phone to capture Placido images and render maps locally, then put other software in the cloud where patient data is stored (in HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant servers).  This makes it possible to aggregate and derive statistical data from a very large global database, in a way that has never before been done in ophthalmology.   This can elevate diagnostic accuracy and augment studies with clinically relevant statistical indices for every practitioner. 

Delphi is the first product in what we anticipate will be a family of diagnostic instruments intended for use by eye care professionals.

Delphi, a smartphone-based corneal topography system

Delphi, a smartphone-based corneal topography system

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This medical device, not yet approved for sale in the US or EU.